Fast food has become a component of our everyday life.

Fast fashion, however, is unavowed to most of us.

Its denotation means that designs move from the catwalk to stores in the fastest time possible and thus being able to capture current trends in the market.   The retailer that exhausts this idea to its highest extend is ZARA. The Spanish concern, owned by Amancio Ortega is able to design and distribute a garment to market within fifteen days.

However, the speed in production is not the only thing that fast fashion and food have in common.  “Fashion is like yogurt. Both have an expiration date”, states José María Castellano, representative of Señor Ortega.

This metaphor becomes visible in the project of photographer Helge Kirchberger and award-winning chef Roland Trettl:

The two of them created an original fashion line. Their models were appareled with nothing but food.

For the first time open to the public the pictures were exposed in the Museum for Communication in Berlin from October 2011 to  January 2012.

Visitors could marvel at the garments made out of pasta dough, carpaccio, at colliers made of fish and necklaces made of quails’ eggs.

While most of the public is very excited about this project there are some critical voices as well:          “No doubt the people in Somalia and other starving locations will never see this. If they did, can you even imagine the ferocious feelings of outrage, gut twisting hunger and defeatism this would cause? Yes, it’s just art, but it is a power punch to anyone who fights for every bite they have.” [P. Henry, 62]

To me this opinion is comprehensible, however when visiting the exhibition in January I was totally amazed of the interaction of food an fashion that I consider it being an outstanding expression of art. Furthermore, I do not think that the food featured in this artwork is anything compared to the millions of pounds of food that get wasted every day.

So if you are a stoked as I am of these pictures, [and you aren’t offended by wasting food] grab your camera, some friends and some food and start being creative, just like amateur photographer Sophie Reinbold (20) did one year ago.

I want to relieve you with the words of Coco Chanel:

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas.