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Zara, the Inditex Group’s most popular fashion retailer, opened its new 3000sqm store with a big celebration party which attracted the press. Zara takes a pass on traditional advertising. Before you’ll see an ad of Zara’s new summer collection, you’ll see a Zara store! Since it is almost the only marketing tool Zara uses, the location of their stores is the key to their success.

So what better location to choose than the most famous fashion street in the world?

Zara’s new store in NYC is nothing like any of their other stores all over the world.  Pablo Isla, president of parent group Inditex, about the new store design:

It is one that is much more focused on the boutique element, with lots of different boutiques within the store —a very smart store, very transparent and very welcoming. It’s a very different concept, but it’s definitely Zara.

Zara has a new image which is based on beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability. The store’s mission: to be simple and bring customers in direct contact with the fashion products. To attract the customer’s attention to the collections, the store is hold in black and white. To intensify the customer’s focus, they installed long black lights on the ceiling to lead them their way!

My favorite part of the interior design are the two long corridors, also called virtual catwalks. You can find these on all of the 3 floors and they will lead you along the collections. On each side of these catwalks, they installed kind of “miniboutiques”. Imagine separate spaces, like cubes, each of them displaying its own collection, arranged by type. I am very fond of this organizational concept.

When I shop, I am not patient. As great as the concept of T.J.Maxx or Ross is, I cannot handle it. The store needs to display the different styles they have – even better having a kind of color scheme, for example neon colored collections must be separate from brown and black tones. The mannequins are the store’s models – presenting the best pieces of the new collection. They will get my attention and will lead me to my preferred outfits. A successful shopping trip is almost guaranteed!

Another new improvement of the shop are the environmental friendly installations. The lighting will automatically dim by 80% when no one is around. Thermostats will automatically adjust for heating and air-conditioning, while electronically-regulated air curtains at the store entrances will prevent cold or hot air from entering. Altogether, the store will save 30% of their annually energy consumption.

The store on 5th Avenue introduces Zara’s new design which will be implemented on their new retail stores all over the world.

This new appealing interior design draws people’s attention to their stores and is Zara’s tool of bonding with their customers. Their boutique-like atmosphere makes the whole shopping process to a pleasant experience. Zara’s customers identify with the store’s concept. After all, “store experience“ which includes socializing, conversations and  the quality of the stay, makes customers come back. It also gives them a reason to get fresh air, go to the store and not shop online. This way Zara preserves its most important communication tool!

Let’s all be excited for the new Zara Store-Design to come to Berlin!