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The internet helps us to connect with people, stay in touch with friends from all over the world. At the same time though, life becomes more anonymously. What happened to old fashioned invitation cards, letters and meeting a friend for a cup of coffee? In the modern world, sometimes you go looking for intimacy.

You are a student, have a fixed budget, your friends are busy – and still, you want to go on a trip, let’s say to Berlin!

Sure, couchsurfing would provide you with a place to stay and would be the answer to your money trouble, but you would still be alone… No worries, we can fix that! The answer is: Roomsurfer! Roomsurfer is the perfect way to travel if you’re young, adventurous and know what you want.

The new Berlin internet startup was founded in 2011 and is just about to open their doors. Its mission is to make your travel experience a unique und unforgettable one! It helps you to plan your trips based on your financial situation, cultural attractions and most importantly on your interests! It doesn’t matter if it’s only a weekend getaway or part of your “around-the-world” trip, Roomsurfer will find you a host that shares the same interests as you!

How does it work?

First of all, all you need is a Facebook profile to use their service, which makes an annoying registration process unnecessary! Then an algorithm, just like the “Facebook Connect” one, checks your likes and interests that are being shown on your profile. Those information will be used to find the perfect guest – host match for your trip! Furthermore, you can specify your search according to your price range, area, non-smokers etc. Roomsurfer will also provide different tags you can choose from- tell them WHAT exactly you want to do during your stay.  That’s it – you will get immediate suggestions of hosts to choose from. You can get in touch with them and find your perfect travel match! Now all you have to do is to confirm your final booking.  Doesn’t it sound easy?!  Well, it is!

There are plenty of benefits being a guest:

  • Find international friends
  • You won’t feel like a tourist – you’ll be a welcomed guest
  • Your host knows the area better than any guidebook – he/she knows all the ins and outs
  • Find the perfect accomodation within your budget
  • Practice your language skills

Now, why should you want to be a host? Let’s see:

  • Get to know different cultures while being home
  • Share your part of the world with people from different regions
  • Improve your social skills: you will enjoy every moment when you spend time with  people who share the same interests
  • Practice your language skills
  • Earn a bit of money! – The better your ranking results are as a host, the more money you can demand.

Also, check out their events.  They always offer great contests with even better winnings!

Roomsurfer might not be free like couchsurfing is but it is still very affordable and you get offered a once in a lifetime experience! Don’t miss out on being international and finding new friends!

Roomsurfer – a new way to travel the world!