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As some people have asked me, how I designed our authors‘ page, I decided to give you a “how to…” tutorial this week.
However, first I have to make clear that I am far away from being a pro with technology, rather do I press every button to see what happens next and thus apply “learning-by-doing” of which I am convinced to be the best learning method.

Before starting to work with some program you should come up with an idea and then consider the things that you needed if doing this “analog”. In my case this would be a sketch block, a photo of myself and a pencil to take some notes.

Now we come to the first step in working with your computer: we have to translate our tools into a digital version.
As I wanted my photo (stored on my hard drive) to look like a polaroid, I opened it with picasa, where you simply have to press one button to get your picture changed into a polaroid. Picasa is a program where you can store and edit images for free.
It offers plenty of tools and the handling is very easy and self-explanatory, so I can really recommend downloading it.

In order to get a virtual sketch block, simply use your favorite image search engine and save the picture you have chosen on your hard drive.

Next, you should be clear of the text you want to be inserted and you should have an imagination of what the font is supposed to look like.
[A great possibility to find beautiful fonts I am going to present you in my next post.]

For further proceeding you have to have photoshop installed. After having opened it you press the upper left button to open a new, empty “sheet of paper”.

Furthermore you open your sketch block file and your photo. Now you drag and drop these two files onto your empty sheet.
By clicking on the caskets surrounding your image you can change its size, if you click in the middle of it you can change the position by drag and drop.

After having arranged your files in your desired way you press the “T” in your tool box and an edit-box for fonts will appear.
Just like in Word you can change your font’s size and style. If you click onto your file you should now be able to insert text.

This sounds pretty easy and indeed, photoshop is very self-explanatory. However, it takes its time until everything is arranged the way you want it to be. Yet, the most important thing to remember is that if something does not work the way you want it, don’t hesitate to find a solution by exploring new buttons. Nothing can get broken; there is always a “backwards” button!