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Winter in Berlin is grey, cold and gloomy. Reasons enough to celebrate the beginning of summer!
Since 1996 every year at Whitsun Berlin shows its cultural diversity. During the parade and the street festival, which lasts several days, you can experience the cultural fortune of the city.

Music, handcrafts and delicacies from all over the world are to discover!
-But why only enjoying other people’s talents? Why not contributing with your own knack?

If you walk over the green area, you see lots of people displaying their crafts. However, one of them especially caught my eye: Ben.

The young man who is originally from
Bardolino had hung up a sign “the coolest cut” and was now waiting under a tree for brave people willing let him cut their hair. His vocation he has learned in France and only two months ago Ben came to Germany.

When I asked him how he came up with this business idea he stated:
“Last night I dreamed that I went to the festival, so the next day I got up in the morning and came here.”
Ben profits from the people’s geniality and openness at the festival. I was really surprised how many people spontaneously were willing to cut their hair.
As he did this action “not for profit but for fun”, as Ben assured,
he works as the whim takes him. When I asked him whether he would be there on Sunday as well, all he said was “maybe”.

So if you are courageous, adventurous and in need of a new hair cut,
you might find Ben under a tree in the “Rasen in Aktion” area.

Or even better: look for another tree and open up a one-day-business with your own skills!
Otherwise, enjoy the hustle and bustle at Carnival of Cultures!