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If your brain was a computer, you would have installed the newest RAM memory. Unfortunately our brain is much more complex than a PC and it requires a lot more attention and efforts to use it effectively for long time.

You probably know that children are able to study much faster in comparison to us-adults. How we can help our brain to open its incredible capabilities?

1. In order to increase the effectiveness of your memory specialists recommend you to do a lot of sports. Like every good athlete the brain needs trainings. When you go to fitness or play different sports you are training also your brain. Moreover, with exercises the flow of oxygen in the head increases and in this way you are increasing brain’s capabilities to memorize.

2. You should sleep! Do not deprive your brain from sleep especially before exams. When you are in deep sleep, state of sleep from which it is difficult to be awaken – it is represented by slower brain waves, you are actually memorizing information you have read in this day for the long run.

3. Do not forget your social life! We are humans and we are created to live with other people. Therefore, communication is a natural way to develop your brain.     Dr. Köhling told me that laugh is the best remedy for the brain. Why? Laugh awakens all brain’s zones in comparison to other emotions that affect only a few of them.

4. Control your stress! That is killer of brain’s functions. If you cannot deal with the chronic stress, it will lead to damage of your brain cells. Especially in the hippo-campus – the area that is responsible from memorizing and recalling old information. Try to go to a specialist if you have problems with stress.

5. Eat foods that stimulate brain’s activities:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids-it can be found in fish, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables because they are sources of antioxidants that prevent neutrons from damage like blue berries.
  • Drink wine in small quantities, not more than two cups, or grape juice. These products contain resveratrol  – flavonoid which stimulates brain’s blood circulation

6.Do not eat too much milk, butter, cheese, ice-cream and oil because they “limit” brain’s capabilities.

If the provided advices are not enough for you, you can create diversity to your brain. Find something new,  challenging and interesting that will stimulate your brain to develop. For instance, try to create diversity in the daily chores , because monotonous activities cannot help  your brain to develop itself.

This article is written with the special help of Dr. Köhling and Dr. Asperger.