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Nowadays, managers consider authenticity to be the key tool for a business’ success.

Especially since the web 2.0 came up, businesses have to offer an appealing internet presence as more and more people do online research. They are looking for someone they can trust, they can have a relationship to.

In the following video Michelle Rock (Senior Product Marketing Manager at EMC) and Jason Broadwater discuss the importance of authenticity and give examples how to achieve it.

Although nearly everybody stresses the significance of a business’ authenticity on the web, opinions largely differ how -or rather by whom- it should be implemented.

Social media specialist Marijean Jaggers, for example, warns small businesses of outsourcing their online presence.

Study Shows Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors

Marijean Jaggers argues, that this was not only for the blog’s sake but for the real people, the personal story behind the business is what people connect with. If the head of the business feels overwhelmed by doing this extra job as well, she recommends that is was fine to let someone else do this task. However it should be someone who is part of the team, who has internalized the business’ values and will be seen happily as representative of the business. Jaggers alerts to hire a surrogate social media manager.

Phil Anderson, a social media manager himself, however believes that if a company does not have the budget to hire an in-house social media manager, it is best to outsource this task. He insists that “Each and every client of mine gets much more value than what they pay me for.” When doing his work he claims to have his clients’ business success at the forefront of his thinking, nevertheless according to Anderson his clients have to support him with comments, post and responds when they can.

Jennifer Grigg, the owner of Social Dragon Marketing supports Anderson’s point of view, considering outsourcing your social media a “fantastic idea”: SM Managers “are passionate about social media marketing, connecting and engaging with others. They have the knowledge and the time to invest, which in the end, will yield results. “