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Probably it happened to you to meet certain person and to not know his/her name, or to tell somebody about a nice movie and to forget the name of your favorite actor that is playing the main role. Many people stuck into such situation. Especially if you are a manager and you work with lost of people. The huge amount of information that we accept every day sometimes create problems with the memory. If you want better memory, and perform better at work you have to keep your brain active and in a good condition. How?

Via Neurobics

According to James Robert Watson, PhD neurobics (neuron + aerobics) are stretching exercises to increase oxygen and give your brain’s neurons more life by experiencing or participating in some new activity, place, or event. When you stretch your mind, it never returns to its previous shape. Research indicates that taxing the brain (making it ‘sweat’) with unfamiliar exercises can improve learning ability, memory, and problem solving.

Neurobic exercises differ from other brain exercises like logical puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, scrabble, etc.Why? Because they use human senses in a new way in order to stimulate the brain to create new associations between different types of information.

Neurobs can be applied by adults as well as children. It is used on children to increase their concentration in order they easily to gain new knowledge. Adults use it to keep their brain fit, because it you they don’t the brain functions to memorize and to solve problems will deteriorate.
Today I will show you 3 neurobic-exercises ,which you can do with ease.
1. Shower with closed eyes.

Try to take a shower with closed eyes. When you are unable to see, the other senses will become more active. Therefore , the whole process of taking a shower will engage more the brain. There is another option-to turn off the lights at home and to try to move and find things using you memory and your sense of touch.
2. Brush your teeth with the weak hand.

Probably most of you brush your teeth with the right hand? Now try to brush them with the left hand (for the left-handed with the right hand). For most of you that is very difficult exercise because you need to be very concentrated when you do it especially for the first time. Moreover, that exercise activates a lot of connections of the “other”(less used) side of your brain. Another exercises the you can perform like combing your hair or to eat your soup with your “unaccustomed” hand.

3. Mute the TV.

Turn on the Television, but turn of the sound .Try to understand what the actors are talking about by their face expressions and their lips movements.
Extra tips

• Eat something for dinner that you usually eat for breakfast
• Make a strange combination for breakfast-pear+ orange.
• Eat with your ”unaccustomed hand”
• Turn on music as a background when you eat.
• Eat on candle light

In my next post expect more interesting exercises.

Some of the above mentioned exercises and the tips in this article are provided by Dr. Cole.