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After we know what Neurobics is from the previous post (that is the use of brain exercises to prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness, according to Rosemarie Girardeau, an RN and a clinical educator for the Integra Clinical Educational Institute.) more you can read here. Now it is time to increase your set of exercises.

Brain wants something new. It is not obligatory to be something complex. The following exercises are simple but new for the brain and some of them can be performed at the working place.

1.Unusual answers

Start to give new answers to the questions that you are very often asked and you have answered previously with one answer. Try to invent new answers to even to most often questions like-”How are you?” Just play with the language.

2.Change your surrounding environment

Change the locations of the subjects around you. At your working place change the places of each subject on your desk and next to it. If you move the waste bin, you will see how sedimentary your life was. You will often look for it in the old location. Moreover reordering your desk will make you really think. With that you are pressing your brain to create a new brain map of your desk and to work more efficiently.

3.Distinguish coins using only your sense of touch

This brain exercise can be a performed in every place you can buy something with coins. If you really want a challenge, see if you can distinguish the coins in your pocket and prepare the exact amount that you have to pay without looking at the coins. This exercise increases your concentration abilities and to read using your fingers. If you think that you are good I recommend you to learn to read Braille.

4.Remember a phone number via fragrance.

Do you remember exercise 1.You can associate a fragrance with a certain telephone number. Let’s say that you are a man and you ask a woman for her phone number. Try to remember the scent of her perfume when you are writing down her number. If you are trying to recall the number from your brain and you cannot, go to a perfume shop find the same perfume and you will l see that you will recall it in your head. This situation  is also valid in the opposite case.

5.Change the usual places

In many families each family member has his/hers own chair around the table and when it is time for dinner everyone sits on his/hers “own” place. Try to change the places. As a result you will see that the change changes many things – from the view from the window up to how we approach the salt or the bread on the table.

6.Eating with closed eyes/nose

Make a fruit salad and eat it while with one hand you are holding your nose. When you eliminate the sense of smell, you will concentrate over the taste, the texture and the hardness of the fruit pieces. Another exercise is – close your eyes and try to determine what fruit you are eating only by its taste. That will increase brain’s activity.

These exercises will help you to increase the percentage of brain’s activity. Therefore you can improve your learning ability, your memory, and problem solving.