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You were promoted or you just start working on a managerial position in the organization that you want. What are you going to do – you will let the department to be self-managed and you will rest… or you will start to work hardly to build up a good team? If you choose the first option close this article, but if you choose the second one the following lines are for you.

In order a manager to be successful he has to perform the basic functions of his position: planning, directing and motivating and controlling (Prof. Grüber, Manaferial Accounting, Berlin School of Economics and Law). According to him these functions are the basics of good leadership. In my opinion that is correct but there is another quality that a manager should possess – the ability to communicate with his subordinates.

Prof. Fred Findler (Leadership and Change Management,Essex University) asserts that it is easier to change the working environment instead of changing people’s personalities. I think he is right because, for example communication as a quality is something that you are born with. Furthermore, there are some stereotype schemes that can help you to learn how to be a good leader.

1.Be a role model.

People usually view you as a person that earns more money. That creates an incentive for the team to do the minimum in order to perform their tasks. Threats that you will fire someone won’t help-that was a stereotype for the previous century. Do not try to crush your employees with you power given by your position-because that can be the end of you leadership.

Research on Leadership by Crystal L. Hoyt (an associate professor of leadership studies and psychology in the Jepson School, and University of Richmond alumna Audrey Innella) recommend you every morning to be first person at work and please do not emphasize that to your team that you do that. Moreover, do not tolerate delays.

One of the leader’s functions are to show that he can and want to do more than the others, because people do not need a director, they need a leader, a role model.  As Peter Draker Said “Leader is someone that has followers”.

2. Protect employees.

According to the research paper “Improving ethical behaviour in organisations” by Dr. Sanjay Kumar. Managers have to protect employees interests. You know that sometimes departments compete each other and often someone is trying to pull your team’s leg. That is combo, double hit, against your team and you. In order to protect you team/department image in front of the managerial directors of the organization you can do the following:

Share opinions with them how well are you working with your team.Often praise team members for their achievements.Inform them about your current work

Another important thing you have to do is to protect you employees working rights. When you allow someone to go on vacation do not allow someone from another department or on higher position than you to cancel your permission. You have to show that the team/department is yours and you do not allow externalities in it.

Furthermore, when someone in your team has made a mistake and your boss has made you mad for that do not fire this employee. Give him/her a chance because you know that it is easier to fire a simple employee instead of you. I can recommend you to try to see the point of view of the others.

3. Control over employees’ tasks.

No one likes the guy that always controls you and asks you twenty times per day- “How is it going with you work?”. People hate to be lurked. Prof. Budinova (Leadership,University of National and World Economy) claims that  there are better ways to be informed with the team’s performance.

One of them is to praise the team, ask once for the worked performed, if it is well done show that it is very important for you and the organization, also make the team members to feel relaxed. If you do that regularly your subordinates on their own will discuss with you and their colleagues their work without to have the feeling that they are under interrogation.

 4.Assistance when it is necessary.

Actually not everyone is working on 100%. If you see someone that is not working very well, you have to help him. Talk with him in private and you can offer him help in the following way:“I have some free time, would you mind if I take part of your work?”

Sometimes there are people that never work appropriately and always someone else has to help them. Probably will sound very unpleasant but these people should be fired.

 5. Employees’ supervision.

You have to take a look at your team because if you don’t probably you will be angry on them because of their mistakes. That‘s why supervision can help you to prevent such an unpleasant situation.

Prof. J.T. Waddell (2006.Servant Leadership Research Roundtable at The School of Leadership Studies: Regent University) believes that you have to know your team members and their relations. Why? Often some of them don’t like each other. Therefore there is high possibility of bad performance. Try to group people that understand each other in order to work well together. In addition, it is of great importance to know the competences of your employees in order they to perform tasks successfully.

 6.Leadership authority.

Do you know that if there is a rumor that you are week leader and for seconds your authority is ruined? As Napoleon Bonaparte said that desire to rule over peers is one of the strongest human passions. That is in our nature it is question of skills and choice to do it.

Prof. Budinova (Leadership,University of National and World Economy) declares that employees should be strongly supervised in order to not think that they can decide which tasks will do, when they will go on vacation, etc. If someone make a mistake talk with him in private. But if he continues try to show to the team that you really make an effort to help him and afterwards you can suggest him to be fired.

When you give task don’t say “would you mind to do …”.You have to say ”do this this and …”.You have to be just straightforward.

If someone want to go on vacation couch him/her to get major projects out of the way two weeks before vacations to prevent stressful, sometimes inadequate, last-minute efforts. (http://EzineArticles.com/1201)

Do not allow someone from your team that knows you personally to use that as an advantage to excuse himself for the poor performed work. These people should be equally responsible for their tasks as the other. Therefore, if they make a mistake they should be treated equally like others.

How do you know if you are good leader?

”A good leader can’t get too far ahead of his followers.” Franklin D. Roosevelt  US President 1933-1945