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(Image password “MAP”)

The topics mentioned in the mind map above, show what we have been writing about during this semester. The categories being mentioned the most are Economics and Service, which are topics all of us have been writing about. All put together, we have been covering contents from Fashion to Business in Africa. We have posted articles which have been published under altering categories. Hence we were able to connect matters which usually would not be put into a context at first sight. On the other hand, we have also been consistent in choosing fields of interest and thus becoming even more involved into the areas fascinating us.

1 thought on “Mindmaps”

  1. Eva Schruff said:

    Hey Niko, good job done! The mindmap looks really nice and clear.
    Maybe you could add the category “Service” to your work for next time. I don’t think that the blog post “Do u want a ride?” fits in the category “Free time” as it is a post about a service which is very successful. Another option would be to put it in the category “Society” as it is a service which is consumed by the society.

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