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Do you want to download your favourite movie, song or to surf anonymously in the Web. How you can do that? With proxies. Today I will explain what proxy is and for what you can use it.

Proxy is a means with which you can surf in the Internet, download movies, music, programs from the numerous torrent websites everywhere in the world anonymously. Why anonymously? Let’s suppose, that you like to write comments on different blogs or in forums and someone evil won’t like your comment and he will try to find your IP address (the phone number of your computer). When he has your IP he knows:

  1. Your names.
  2. Where your computer currently is.
  3. Your address, street.
  4. Your internet supplier.

1.   What is a proxy server?

That is machine that is a buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you have access to.

2.   For what we can use proxies?

  • To hide valuable information of yours from the evil guys. When you are using proxy you are changing you IP address automatically and your data is protected.
  • If we are banned from a website we can enter in it again via proxy.
  • You can download movies pictures, music anonymously in numerous countries like Holland and in Bulgaria. In some countries like Germany and USA is forbidden to download from the torrent websites. Hypothetically you can do it but it is a crime.

4.   How to set our browser use a proxy server?

For example  let’s open  Google Chrome. Then Select options icon from the top right part (As shown in the figure below).Then select Settings.

Setting Menu will open. Here you can provide the Home Page (marked as 1 in the figure). Then Select Under the hood.

When Under the hood tab opens, Click on Change Proxy Settings.

Then, Internet Options will open and you have to select the connection and click settings.

Then Under proxy Server, Check on the check box and you can provide proxy server address and port there.

5.   From where I can find free proxies?




If they are not working just write in your search engine “fresh transparent/anonymous proxy list”-I recommend proxies from Russia, Holland Bulgaria because the legislation of these countries doesn’t prohibits to download everything you want.

6.   When you find a proxy how you should use it ?

Go to the last picture of point 4 in order to understand where to put the “IP” address and the “Port” after it you shout put.

To be more clear watch this video

7.   How to set other browsers to use proxy?

Mozilla Firefox

  • In Mozilla Firefox, navigate to the options section found in the top-left corner.
  • Go to the advanced tab and click on the Settings under Connection.
  • From here, you can manually set the proxy.

This setting will follow the same setting as you did in Google Chrome. Once the Internet options in my area have been changed, I can browse the internet through a free proxy.

Internet Explorer

Here is the interesting part. Google Chrome uses the same internet connection that Internet Explorer does. So, if you managed to change the proxy settings for Google Chrome, those changes can automatically be seen in Internet Explorer.

However, Internet options in my area state that it should be done at my own risk. However, you could always go to the tools section, click on option, go to the connection tab and click on LAN settings to set it separately. From here, set your proxy,IP and Port as desired. Then again, you could always set the properties from the advanced tab. However, unless you know what you are doing, stick with the basic settings.

Apple Safari

Even more interesting is the fact that Apple Safari also uses the internet settings that Internet Explorer and Google Chrome do. In other words, if you set the proxy on Internet Explorer or even Google Chrome, you won’t need to change the settings again.

Then again, you could always navigate to the settings icon, click on preferences, advance and proxies. Set your proxies accordingly. You can browse the internet safely and / or anonymously through many ways. The Internet options in my area and those described above are only a few examples.

Source: http://achusoft.blogspot.de/2012/04/how-to-configure-proxy-in-google-chrome.html

8.   Alternatives

If that is too complicated for you there are websites in which you just write the page you want to enter anonymously and click “hide my as*” and you are have opened the page anonymously.

I don’t like this option because it is too slow-I have to copy and paste links constantly. For that reason , when I set my browser to use a proxy I forget that I am using proxy and I am surfing anonymously like a normal internet user.

This article is based on deep Internet research, personal experience and it is written with the special help of Yosif Harizanov (IT Master’s degree).