Startups – Key To Treasury


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After writing about what entrepreneurs need to consider when first building their own business, I know want to complete my series about startups by taking a closer look at financing options.

According to Boefly’s blog small businesses can face various challenges within their first years. Referring to the Small Business Administration, 10 percent of startups will go out of business within first year and only half of them will last five years.

David Young, partner at the law firm DLA Piper, explains that “historically, the hardest piece of fundraising is that first piece of cash. The first million.”

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“O” like…

…online dating

What does this have to do with my WebTechIssues A to Z, you might ask. However, with 17 million singles in Germany online dating has a large target group, offering space for many businesses. Jost Schwaner, CEO of ElitePartner, Germany’s most popular dating agency insists that by 2015 more than half of all couples will find each other via internet. Continue reading

6 simple rules how to be a good team Leader


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You were promoted or you just start working on a managerial position in the organization that you want. What are you going to do – you will let the department to be self-managed and you will rest… or you will start to work hardly to build up a good team? If you choose the first option close this article, but if you choose the second one the following lines are for you.

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“P” like…


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Today I have a little surprise for you:
Little Miss Panda contributes to my A to Z with a guest entry on the issue she is currently elaborating on her blog.


Hello lovely readers of berlinlcalling!

I’m Little Miss Panda from the curiosity killed the consumer blog which discusses latest issues of modern day consumerism, media and business. For the past few weeks I have been writing about a fascinating new movement: the rise of the prosumers. Luckily for me Stefkocha was very interested in this topic which was the reason why she asked me to be a guest blogger this week. Being an avid reader of her blog I just could not say no! So here it comes: P like… Prosumer!

P like what?

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Download your favorite movie, song, program, etc. anonymously!


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Do you want to download your favourite movie, song or to surf anonymously in the Web. How you can do that? With proxies. Today I will explain what proxy is and for what you can use it.

Proxy is a means with which you can surf in the Internet, download movies, music, programs from the numerous torrent websites everywhere in the world anonymously. Why anonymously? Let’s suppose, that you like to write comments on different blogs or in forums and someone evil won’t like your comment and he will try to find your IP address (the phone number of your computer). When he has your IP he knows:

  1. Your names.
  2. Where your computer currently is.
  3. Your address, street.
  4. Your internet supplier.

1.   What is a proxy server?

That is machine that is a buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you have access to.

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Startups – The Lean Principles. Just A Big Joke Or Recipe For Success?


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After writing about how you get your new business started, I now want to take a closer look at the Lean Startup Principles by Eric Ries as one method to get your startup going. I’ve mentioned them before in my post about entrepreneurs.

What are the Lean Startup Principles?

According to their website Lean Startup Principles are a scientific approach to starting and managing startups and focuses on new product development.

“The Lean Startup method teaches you how to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration.”

Eric Ries explains that many startups fail because they have an idea and they spend a large amount of time perfecting their product. They are convinced that people will want their product but forget to communicate with potential customers. By the time their product gets on the market they’ve never double checked if people are interested in that kind of product, neither did they get people to know about it! Continue reading

Neurobics – exercises for your brain part 2


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After we know what Neurobics is from the previous post (that is the use of brain exercises to prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness, according to Rosemarie Girardeau, an RN and a clinical educator for the Integra Clinical Educational Institute.) more you can read here. Now it is time to increase your set of exercises.

Brain wants something new. It is not obligatory to be something complex. The following exercises are simple but new for the brain and some of them can be performed at the working place.

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Another approach on camel milk entrepreneurship

In “A Present from the Desert”, I tried to make a statement about how camel milk can be both a model grass root project supporting the marginalized people in this world and a business opportunity.

I took a look at it from the local communities-part, Bedouins and farmers in their countries of origin selling it on local markets. On the other hand was the Western consumers’ point of view; diabetics, autistics, Alzheimer patients, lactose intolerant and an even wider range of people profiting from the milk’s healing properties.

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Neurobics – exercises for your brain part 1


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Probably it happened to you to meet certain person and to not know his/her name, or to tell somebody about a nice movie and to forget the name of your favorite actor that is playing the main role. Many people stuck into such situation. Especially if you are a manager and you work with lost of people. The huge amount of information that we accept every day sometimes create problems with the memory. If you want better memory, and perform better at work you have to keep your brain active and in a good condition. How?

Via Neurobics

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Delivering riveting talks by remarkable people


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They have according to Sebastian Lindstrom, experienced traveler and guerilla film maker, “become a worldwide movement for sharing ideas and innovations taking place at the local level” and seem as he says “like a great fit”.

The offshoot of TED do not deliver the inspiring talks of former presidents or Nobel Prize winners. However, from Baghdad to Bogotá, Harare to Hanoi, they bring TED-like experiences to the local level.

Now, here comes… The most recent TEDx conference took place in…

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Startups – The Entrepreneur. Are you one?


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Start-ups exist not to make stuff, make money, or serve customers. They exist to learn how to build a sustainable business. Eric Ries

A business requires management, a startup a special kind of guidance: entrepreneurship!

But what exactly characterizes an entrepreneur and what skills should he/she have?

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“F” like…


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Meanwhile, we know all about facebook.
We know that it collects our data and keep feeding it.
We know that Mark Zuckerbergs statement that “Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected” is, -at least since its launch on the stock market– barely true.
We even know about its employee treatment

How does it come we do not know anything about the current voting on the terms of use? Continue reading

“A” like…


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Nowadays, managers consider authenticity to be the key tool for a business’ success.

Especially since the web 2.0 came up, businesses have to offer an appealing internet presence as more and more people do online research. They are looking for someone they can trust, they can have a relationship to.

In the following video Michelle Rock (Senior Product Marketing Manager at EMC) and Jason Broadwater discuss the importance of authenticity and give examples how to achieve it. Continue reading