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Meanwhile, we know all about facebook.
We know that it collects our data and keep feeding it.
We know that Mark Zuckerbergs statement that “Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission โ€” to make the world more open and connected” is, -at least since its launch on the stock market– barely true.
We even know about its employee treatment

How does it come we do not know anything about the current voting on the terms of use?
Until June, 8th at 6pm users can vote on the Facebook Site Governance Vote on rule changes on privacy. The new rules contain amongst other things an expanded list of activities in which user data can be collected by Facebook. They allow facebook to bring in advertisement (carefully chosen by your user data) not only on facebook pages but outside its monopoly.

However, the voiting will only be accredited if 30 % of all facebook user, i.e. 270 million people vote. As facebook is not really promoting the voting process it is highly unlikely to achieve this goal.

If you adore facebook just like motivational speaker Deborah Torres Patel and musician Gianluca Verrengia, go ahead and join their singing!
Otherwise, go and vote!